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Classic Apothecary Jars

For centuries people used to store their various herbs and other essentials in these and the model of these reflects those times. These particular ones are hand blown to perfection. These can even be used to hold soaps or even fill them with various oceanic shells. These could be used for all sorts of various decorations throughout your house and home and can even be used as a form of expression. These are usually fourteen point five inches in height and have a six inch diameter. If you’ve ever played various fantasy role playing games where you’ve had to smash the various pots and jars in the corner in order to get items then you’ve seen this kind.

Chances are that even if you haven’t heard of this kind of jar that you’ve probably either seen or own one of your own. These various kinds of jars are usually shaped in this manner and can be used to carry various things. The great thing about these is the fact that more often then not they are not see through like some other various kinds. That means that you don’t necessarily have to display the contents inside of them. This is perfect for things that you don’t want to throw away but don’t want people seeing such as your loose change. When come home and empty your change out you’re going to want to make sure that people can’t see it. This isn’t only a way to keep thieves from getting your money but a perfect way to store the change without allowing it to ugly up the space. The fact that these particular things work this way is perfect for this. The simple fact of the matter is that spare change in one places is not pretty.

It is ugly and dirty which means that you’re going to want to take these and put the change in them. If you put this change in them then you’re not only effectively storing the change but you’re keeping it from cluttering up and uglying up the other amount of space that it would otherwise be in. On top of this these are perfect for change collecting because of their size. More often than not when people collect change their intention is to use it once the container of it has been filled to the top.

If your container is one of these then it will be a while before your change collection reaches the top and once it does you’re going to be able to take that money and possibly pay off bills or even start a new savings account. When you use one of these you’re not only effectively storing but you’re adding an artistic and ancient style to the space that you’re putting it in. Doing this ads to an artistic and aesthetically pleasing look that you may be trying to add to your home. If you want to ad this kind of look to your home and clear up any items that you don’t want to throw away but also don’t necessarily want people to see you’re going to want to get some of these.