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FBI Badge – Knowing the Real From the Fake

FBI Badge - Knowing the Real From the Fake

One of the most widely recognized and renowned symbols present today would have to be the FBI badge. Considering the power wielded by an FBI officer, it has become important to know the badge to recognize the same so that no mistakes are committed when it comes to identifying these officers from the other civil officers. But then, it is important to know how this badge looks like to begin with. After all, you wouldn’t want to be fooled by a duplicate badge and reveal something dangerous to a felon, subsequently endangering your own life in the process.

The Actual Badge

The badge is completely golden in color. On the upper portion of the FBI badge, there is special text that reads Federal Bureau of Investigation. This is followed by a bald eagle, which proudly sits in the middle of the badge. On either sides of the bald eagle, there are the characters ‘U’ and ‘S’. Hence, this is the prominent aspect of the badge that others can see. Towards the end of the FBI badge, the words “Department of Justice” appear. On the whole, this is a very impressive looking badge that commands high authority and ensures that it is instantly recognizable when shown.

The Replicas

Since the design is a standard one, there are many different replicas of the same out there. While most of the FBI badge replicas are utilized in movies and TV shows, there have been instances when the same have been used to fool people into revealing something important or even for conning purposes. When you encounter an FBI agent, always be sure to check his credentials before discussing anything. Unless you are absolutely sure that this is an FBI agent that you are talking to, it might be best to abstain from communication of any kind. There are many dark elements out there with a fake FBI badge and waiting to exploit you.

Getting Hold of a Badge

If you want an FBI badge but don’t really want to join the FBI for the same, you should go online and check out some of the stores that sell these badges. There are a number of different stores out there and depending on where it is that you head out to; you should be able to stumble upon a store that can help you with the same. The level of realism depends on the place that you buy these badges from.