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Weighted Running Vest – Why You Need One

Weighted Running Vest - Why You Need One

A weighted running vest will add an extra dimension to your training. If you’ve been thinking about buying one then stop thinking and buy. It’s a great product for a small price. I wrote this article to have a closer look at weighted running vests and try to discover why they are becoming so popular.

Why Are They Becoming so Popular?

The truth is weighted running vests have always been popular with serious trainers like Special Forces and professional athletes, quality vests just haven’t been available for the general public at a good price.

That’s no longer the case. Today’s modern weighted running vests are designed for all users and come in all shapes and sizes. The early vests were expensive and didn’t accommodate all body shapes and sizes; you basically got what was available.

A badly fitting weighted vest is uncomfortable and difficult to run in so most people avoided them.

Today weighted vests are designed to fit all body shapes. The choice is huge. The new technology used in modern weighted running vests allow for stretching and are designed to accommodate normal breathing. Early vests were just clamped onto the body and had no elasticity to take movement into account.

Everyone is at different fitness levels and it wouldn’t be advisable for someone just starting to train to run in a heavy vest. This is accommodated for in modern vests by allowing the user to take out and add weights. Enabling the user to get the most comfortable weight for themselves. As your fitness increases you can add more weight to the vest.

You can choose between long and short vests. Short vests appear to be very popular judging by the number of people I see using them and I bought one of these for my own training. They allow plenty of movement and I even use it on my bike.

Today’s weighted running vests are a marvel of modern technology. The light materials used allow for stretching and a snug fit to your body. The facility to remove and add weights is an essential part of the vest’s usability and the strapping system is comfortable.

Weighted vests are a great training aid for the serious trainer and at the prices they sell for today everyone should have one. They’re as essential as weights.